Real Estate 101

What You Need To Know To Be Successful!
This Family Needs More Space And More Bedrooms/Bathrooms For The Kids. So, They Call There Buyers-Agent who has some Houses for them to see. So they all Get In The Car to start Looking For A New Bigger, Better, Home To Buy!
This FAMILY Drives Looking For House
They are exhausted and excited looking at so many different options that fit and don't fit there needs. After Looking At so Many Houses They Finally Decide and Come Across One That They Really Really Want - So What do They Do Next?
So, Now That They Found Their House
The family thought hard and long and came to a group decision that they want to move forward and purchase this bigger, better home  So what is the next step - to secure this much needed Bigger ,better home? So They Contact Their Buyer's Agent and Let Them Know That They want to buy this house!
The Buyer's Agent Writes up the offer
The family makes an offer that is in writing and communicated through  A Purchase Agreement. This is drawn up by the Families buyer's agent for Both Parties to sign as a legal binding document. the Listing Agent for The Seller And The Buyer's Agent For The Family must both Agree upon the terms, Condition's, and price that is in the Purchase agreement, for the Sell of the house To The Family. The Family Also put's down a deposit - also, known as Earnest Money to secure the home from anyone else buying it. 
Negotiating offer with both parties
The Buyer's Agent For The Family and the seller's agent for the seller of the house. they negotiate back and forth the family could request to have Plumbing, drainage, sewer, septic, or water issues to be repaired by the seller. The Seller could request proof of funds that the buyer is willing and able to have the necessary funds to buy or ask for a higher offer. especially if the house has generated a lot more offers that are more than what the family had originally offered.  at this point the family could  walkaway form the transaction and get there deposit back The Family would have to start the whole process again. so The Family Wanted That New Bigger, Better, Home To Buy! The Family Could Still Make A Bigger Offer And The Seller Could Deny, Counter, Or Accept!
Real Estate Sales Transaction record
The family buyer's agent lets the family know that the seller's agent and the seller have accepted the offer! The Family pays the seller through escrow and the deed/note is signed over to the family notarized and then recorded. The seller receives there escrow checks from the sell of the house. everyone gets paid! the family gets  the keys to that  New Bigger, Better, Home To Buy!

The Family Lived Happy Ever After - 
The End!
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